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Arun Thukral, MGCC

Arun Thukral, a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Trainer, operates within a select realm of executive coaching, catering to CEOs whose roles are pivotal to their organizations. With a clientele boasting global leaders, Arun upholds a rigorous selection process due to high demand. Currently, Arun maintains a waiting list spanning six months for potential new clients. Distinguished by a unique coaching methodology, Arun's compensation model is contingent upon client improvement. The term "improvement" is defined by quantifiable positive changes in predetermined leadership behaviors, as evaluated by designated stakeholders.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

This Coaching offers a profound approach to leadership development. Through this meticulously designed program, you'll immerse yourself in a journey of personal and professional growth. You'll learn the art of soliciting input from your stakeholders, honing your listening skills to absorb feedback without defensiveness. Prioritizing reflection over reaction, you'll cultivate a mindset of gratitude, expressing appreciation for valuable insights. Furthermore, you'll develop the capacity to respond to feedback with positivity and purpose, ensuring continuous improvement. By mastering the discipline of follow-up, you'll foster lasting connections and drive meaningful change as a leader.

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