STARS, or the Summit on Talent Management and Resource Strategy, is an event that brings together human resources professionals & business leaders from around the world to discuss the latest trends and best practices in talent management


At STARS, attendees have the opportunity to network with colleagues, attend informative sessions, and learn about new technologies and tools that can help them better manage their workforce. One of the key topics at STARS is talent management, sessions at STARS focus on a variety of strategies, including employer branding, creating a talent management system, and promoting a development culture


  • – Knowledge sharing from industry experts.   
  • – Q & A sessions with industry experts.   
  • – Session recordings.   
  • – Networking with peers across the globe.   
  • – Interesting and engaging topics to discuss.
  • – Membership with STARS


Learn from the Experts – Coming up with new and innovative ideas in talent management & development. STARS is here to provide you with a knowledge pool on the most effective and valuable Talent management experts

Discussion with L&D Elites – Participate in a live discussion with experienced L&D professionals about new trends and best practices. These sessions with the L&D professionals can result in your learning environment.

STARS Certificate of Participation – You will get a Certificate of participation after the completion of the summit so you can be a part of our community.

Network with your colleagues in L&D – Your network is your networth. Attending STARS will allow you to broaden your network. Connect with 100+ HR, L&D professionals and Business Leaders to enhance your net worth.

Your one-stop place for all of your Questions – You will have queries after each action-packed session! Following each session, there will be a live Q&A with experts to answer any questions.